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Jorrit Boonstra

Jorrit Boonstra (Groningen, 1983) kwam op zijn elfde in aanraking met theater bij de Jeugdtheaterschool. Via Human Technology aan de Hanzehogeschool en Psychologie aan de RUG, is hij uiteindelijk afgestudeerd in 2009 aan de Toneelacademie van Maastricht als theatermaker en dramadocent. Hij heeft gewerkt in Antwerpen en Amsterdam en is uiteindelijk weer in Groningen terecht gekomen waar hij onder andere voor Het Groninger Studenten Toneel twee voorstelling heeft geregisseerd. Daarnaast werkt Jorrit aan de Jeugdtheaterschool, de Theaterschool volwassenen, Het Noorderpoort en Lucia Marthas als dramadocent. Ook heeft hij twee jaar geleden de musical The Wiz geregisseerd voor de Medische Faculteitsvereniging Panacea en is hij momenteel, wederom voor Panacea, de musical Belle en het Beest aan het regisseren. Jorrit speelde de afgelopen twee jaar in de voorstelling Huisje Boompje... bij Theater De Steeg en op dit moment is hij aan het repeteren voor de voorstelling Issy en Sophius. Daarnaast maakt hij ook nog de Circustheatervoorstelling Mindfuck en een korte voorstelling voor het Bevrijdingsfestival. Jorrit woont in Groningen met zijn vriendin, hun twee kinderen en een kat.


Kees de Vries and Thomas Mook

Thomas Mook and Kees de Vries are founding members of the English improv comedy group “Stranger Things Have Happened”. Both have been active in Stranger Things Have Happened as imrovisers and trainers since 2009. They frequently teach workshops in improv comedy. Kees de Vries has been active in English theatre since 2003. Between 2008 and 2010 he worked with students from the Bangor university theatre department with various productions in Wales. This cooperation led to a production in the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. Additionally, he is an English teacher and works on the literature and theatre of the Anglo-Irish writer Oscar Wilde. Thomas Mook has been active in the Groninger theatre world since 2000, moving to English theatre in 2005. He is a teacher at the University of Groningen and the Hanze University, has given guest lectures on theatrical writing and staging, and is the writer of the television sitcom ‘North’. 


Lina Oosterheert

From 1998 untill 2001 Lina studied theater at the Burmingham School of Speech and Drama. During and after her study she directed plays and sketches both in England and The Netherlands. On a regular basis she performs with English scenes. At this time she is working as a teacher drama and ckv at the HN Werkman College and as the drama teacher in Assen and Haren. Lina has her own theater group 'De Doorbraak' in Groningen.

Sami Johnson

Sami grew up in India, surrounded by colours, vast culture and traditional Rajasthani music. His interest in theatre started from an early age and he joined many local theatre productions and later, acted in countless short films by independent producers. Finally, understanding that theatre is his calling, he enrolled at Calicut University and studied Theatre and Fine Arts, specializing in children’s theatre. He was trained as a director and enjoyed being involved in all the segments of the theatre production. One of his favourite directing experience was his play “Androcles and the Lion” where he united local theatre makers from Kerala in the form of Commedia dell’Arte. He took part in several international theatre festivals, most notable being the ITFOK, the International Theatre festival of Kerala. He participated in several workshops with the famous French director Arianne Mnouchkine who was one of the biggest influences in his directing style. During his position as a full-time Theatre Teacher in a prestigious international (IB) school, he learned how to approach Theatre teaching when working with people of all age groups. He is currently working as a freelance Theatre teacher, giving workshops in diverse cultural institutions such as ARTEZ University (Zwolle) and USVA. In his spare time, as a former professional squash player, he is giving personal coaching sessions. He strongly believes that sport and theatre are connected through a dynamic and ever-changing dialogue between the body and the mind.

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