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Corina Onderstijn

Corina Onderstijn's (1981) debut novel has recently been published by publishing house Zilverspoor. It is currently being translated into English. Corina writes magic realism and weird fiction. Her short stories have won several Dutch awards and some have been published in magazines. This earned her a spot on the judging panel for the Trek Sagae writing competition. She is totally psyched to be teaching her first creative writing course at USVA.  


Chandler Bullock

Chandler Bullock has been active in theater as an actor since 2003. Originally from the United States, he moved to the Netherlands in 2005 and has been active in various cultural activities ever since. He has acted in various theatrical productions in Groningen as a member of GUTS, Stranger Things Have Happened, and A-Live! (the latter of which he was a founding member). He has also been a regular member of the improv team of Stranger Things Have Happened since early 2010. Additionally, he has worked on various film projects including two feature films and provides workshops on Improv Theater as a means to improve presentation skills for Hogeschool Windesheim in Zwolle. He is also currently working on a Research Master's degree in Literary & Cultural Studies at the RUG with a specialization in the Philosophy of Horror in Literature and Film.

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