Student Culture Centre Usva offers courses in eight disciplines and all courses are taught by professional instructors. Students from RUG and Hanze, as well as alumni and employees receive a large discount on courses!

Most courses are accessible to international students, and only a handful require proficiency in Dutch. Some courses, such as Acting Class, Drawing and Painting-beginner, Improv Comedy, Public Speaking and Creative writing, have English as the language of instruction.

The course year is divided into three periods of 10 weeks each. Exception to this are some dance and music courses. For these courses the year is divided in two periods of 14/15 weeks each. The dance courses from the middle level on last 30 weeks.


Trimester 1: September 16th up and until November 22rd, 2019

Trimester 2: December 9th, 2019 up and until February 28th, 1st 2020

Trimester 3: March 16th, up and until June May 29th, 2020 (the end date differs due to several holidays)

Course enrollment

You will find all course information by clicking on the name of the course. You can sign up for a course after logging in. It is possible to enroll for several trimesters at a time.

  • Price 1:   UG and Hanze students (eg H123456) and Phd scholars log in with their S-number  and password. This enables the discount to be automatically calculated. Adjust your profile if you want to use a different email address than the address.
  • Price 2:   University staff and PhD students log in with their P-number and password. NOTE: Don't forget to complete your profile. We need your contact information. The discount is automatically calculated here as well. During the first 2 years after graduation UG alumni are entitled to a discount (middle rate). After online registration and after having chosen for payment At Usva Desk (Pin Only!), they should come to the Usva desk for payment and show the degree certificate.
  • Price 3:   All others. You must register as a user via the link at the top of the page. Subsequently, you can log in and register for courses. If you want to enroll for a course you pay the highest rate.

Attention: Your participation in the course is finalized only after payment.

You can pay for all courses online through iDeal (only possible with a Dutch bank account) or with your credit card. You can also pay by pin / debit or credit card at the desk at Munnekeholm 10. If you wish to pay at the desk, please first sign up for the course of your choice on this website and choose the option At Usva Desk (Pin Only!). The Usva desk is open on working days  from 9 am - 4.30 pm.

If the course of your choice is fully booked you can sign up for the waiting list by simply choosing the option At Usva Desk (Pin Only!). If enough potential participants sign up we might start a new group.



Terms and Conditions

Course prices 2019-2020

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