The Fundamentals of Art Making

If you are an art enthusiast and you want to learn about the fundamentals of art making, look no further. This introductory course is going to teach you the basics of drawing and painting. During these ten weeks, we will progress from pencil and black/white images to coloured ones using media such as pencil, charcoal, ink and acrylic paint. Respectively, we will begin from the simplest forms and concepts to more complex ones using different methods. The aim of this class is not only teaching ways of making but discovering the joy of self expression through a pictorial universe with examples from the contemporary art scene for you to grasp the full potential of every medium. Every student can follow the course at their own pace. That means you can follow the guideline or work more according to the goals set.  An overview of some of the works made in the courses.


Tarief 1 (RUG-studenten // Hanze-studenten) € 116,00
Tarief 2 (RUG-medewerkers, PhD's, Alumni) € 134,00
Tarief 3 (overig) € 172,00

The Fundamentals of Art making

Date 11 Dec 2019
Period 2 hours / 10 weeks
Time Wed 13:00–15:00
Teacher Paraskevi Frasiola
Place Atelier
Munnekeholm 10
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