General information

Usva awards grants to UG-students who want to create cultural projects. Whether it's a play, dance show, musical project or video initiative, if you're a RUG-student, you can apply for a grant at Usva. Usva also supports cultural student organisations that organise annual events, like festivals and exhibitions. You can find examples of projects that were supported by Usva when you click the heading Awarded Grants. 

There are three grants available:
- Project Grant
- Organisation Grant
- Discount Regulation

More information about these three types of grants you can find in de drop-down menu. In the 'Grant Regulations' you'll find the conditions for every type of grant.

Usva also provides housing possibilities for cultural student organisations. They can use an office at the Usva building for one year. More information about housing you can find under the tab 'Housing'. The conditions and rules are stated in the 'Housing rules' of Usva.

For more information, you can contact Karlijn Vierveijzer, the treasurer of the Executive Board: 

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