Why advertise?
Cultural Student Centre Usva is the cultural organisation of the University of Groningen. Usva gives students the opportunity to get in touch with culture in many different ways and organises events throughout the city of Groningen. Moreover, Usva has its own building with a theatre and a gallery for exhibitions. Usva offers a wide variety of courses in disciplines such as fine arts, drama, dance, body and mind, music, film photo and design, and writing and speaking, which allows for hundreds of students to visit the Usva building every week. In addition, Usva supports other cultural student organisations with finances, facilities, and our knowledge of culture.

Usva is the meeting spot for students who want to be involved in arts and culture. Our theatre offers a stage for both students and upcoming artists and has seen various big names such as Guido Weijers, Wouter Hamel, and Jochem Myjer.

In short, Usva:
·        Is the place for students to develop themselve
·        Has 1800 students participating in courses annually
·        Has more than 5000 visitors in the theatre annually
·        Is supported by 60 active crewmembers annually
·        Reaches a wide audience with several successful events such as Flicks Filmfestival, O-SWAP and Battle of the Bands

Advertising opportunities
There are many possibilities to advertise at Cultural Student Centre Usva. For example, you can advertise in our course catalogue or place a banner on our frequently visited website. There are also plenty of options to place logos on the flyers or posters of our events. Our events reach a lot of students, therefore an advertisement block during the Flicks Filmfestival for example would be seen by many people. We also offer several sponsorship packages.

In addition to the above mentioned examples there are many more possibilities and options to advertise or sponsor. Our coordinator of aquisition will gladly talk to you about possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact or 050 363 9075.

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