Usva closed

Due to the new Corona limitations and the lockdown Usva is closed from December 15th, 2020 until February 9th, 2021.


Application for the 2nd trimester will not open for a while, however, the Drum lessons started again! You can follow the Drum lessons in Marco Diaz' coronaproof studio! Registration is still possible.

Find out if there are some free spots left via the course page

Course registrations 2nd trimester

As a result of the new Corona measures of December 14, we cannot open the course registration for the 2nd trimester right now. The aim is to do this at January 20,2021. Again, depending eventual new measures.

Note: The drum lessons by Marco Diaz do continue. These lessons are given in a corona safe surrounding in his own studio. Registration for the next trimester is possible.

Disclaimer: The courses are with reservation. We adhere to the guidelines of the Executive Board of the University of Groningen and the RIVM. This means that a course may quickly fill up due to a reduction in groups. We work with waiting lists so that, if measures will be slacked, more people can participate in a course. So sign up for the waiting list!

Usva Sticker Contest

After the Usva Tote Bag Design Contest we are now looking for the design for the new Usva sticker!

This is your chance to see your design being spread on info markets, laptops and the bicycles and bedroom doors of your friends. So, make an exceptional design and maybe you’ll win! Isn’t that fun? It’s time to take all the creativity that’s stored in your brain and transform it into a tangible, stickable square of 9,6 by 9,6 centimeters. Make the sticker serene or very busy, colorful or not at all, anything goes! You’ve got almost two months to make something beautiful.

The only requirements:

-          Make it creative and artsy

-          Make sure it has to do with culture or anything Usva-related

-          Find a way to use our name or our logo in the design

-          Send us your design in .jpg or .png format in at least 300 DPI.

-          Set your colours to CMYK

-          Maximum size is 200 MB

-          The design is a square of 9,6 by 9,6 centimeters

-          There will be a 2.5 mm bleed around the design.

-          Send your design before December 1st to usva.sc@rug.nl


2Feb D&D Night
12Feb Valentine's Workshop Poetry
Alle rechten voorbehouden · 2015