Acting Class Meisner Technique-advanced

Course language: English

Requirements: You can only take this course after completing the beginners Meisner Technique course.

This course is especially developed for the (starting) actor that wants to push past their acting limits. This course is only available for students that finished the beginners course. Through Sanford Meisner’s technique you will experience a step by step guide how to become an enriched actor. Meisner developed this technique as an inter-dependent series of training exercises that build on one another. You will learn how to be open (enough for the other actor to read you), you learn how to work together, you learn how to observe in detail and respond correctly to what you read in the other actor. Goal of this course is to act without feeling ‘fake’ and make (more) believable scenes. During our ten weeks we shall explore the inner works of the technique and work on famous theatrical scenes.


Tarief 1 (RUG-studenten) € 96,00
Tarief 2 (RUG-medewerkers, PhD's, Alumni en Hanzestudenten) € 110,00
Tarief 3 (overig) € 142,00

Acting Class Meisner Technique-advanced

Start 25 mrt 2019
Duur 2 hrs / 10 weeks
Tijd ma 19:00–21:00
Docent Lina Oosterheert
Locatie Dramazaal
Munnekeholm 10
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